Monitor your servers. Get notified when something goes wrong.

Semonto keeps an eye on your servers 24/7 and sends you alerts in case something fails, so you can feel confident your business is up and running at all times.

Server monitoring

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Multiple tests per hour

Semonto is designed to keep an eye on your servers and web applications by performing frequent tests to check if everything is working as expected. Regular tests include port checks, HTTP(s) requests with content verification, response code verification and request time measurements.

Extended testing

You can extend the basic tests of Semonto by installing a small web application on your server. Semonto can then access internal data like your server load, disk usage, mail queues or network usage. You can implement all the tests you wish and be alerted when something goes wrong.

Multiple alerts available

Receive alerts via email, Apple Push Notifications, text messages or Twitter. We also have web hooks available so you can integrate the alerts into your current workflow.

Analysis of tests

Since Semonto performs many tests per hour and keeps a large database with all the test results, we have created the perfect set of tools to quickly and easily analyze the test data so you are well-informed regarding your server usage and can predict any upcoming problem.

And more...

Public access

We offer a widget to share the status of your servers with your clients. This page can be protected by a passcode if you wish.

Monthly reports

An uptime report will be automatically generated to get a concise and easy-to-understand overview on how your servers performed each month.

iOS devices

We provide a free iOS app that you can use to quickly review the status of your servers. You can also receive free notifications when we detect an issue with your servers.


Bypassing firewalls. Optimized for non-webservers

Want to keep an eye on a server behind a firewall, a complex NAT situation or a server without an active webserver? For these type of situations we have created the PulseCheck method: instead of calling and testing your server, your server will ping Semonto frequently. If we don't receive a pulse on time, we will send you a notification. Simple and efficient.

More features

Global Servers

In order to increase the quality of the tests and to reduce latency, we run multiple servers all over the world to offer you the best service.

Extended Time Zone support

Semonto has implemented time zone support. You can set your preferred time zone for each Semonto report you receive.

No software installation required

Semonto is a software as a service (SAAS). We'll host and run the software for you with all the latest updates applied.

What customers are saying

We needed a way to know when our servers are down without getting a lot of false positives. Semonto came to the rescue. They check our servers every 5 minutes. When a test fails, they first verify from another location before notifying us. It works like a charm!

Philip Verbist
Founder of

We have been using Semonto for 2 years. Their service provides us with an objective outside view of our Data Centers up-time. Their service also gives our technical staff valuable trouble shooting information, but the best part is Semonto tells us we have an issue before our customers do!

Daniel Robertson
Data Center Manager/Network Engineer at Infotel Systems
Bohemian Coding
Zeus Wpi
XS Online

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