HTTPS Certificate Monitoring

We monitor the validity of your SSL certificate and alert you when there is a problem. This gives you the opportunity to renew your HTTPS certificate well in advance and avoid embarrassing security warnings.

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Keep your HTTPS certificates valid

An SSL/TLS certificate (also called HTTPS certificate) proves that the connection between your web server and your web browser is secured by the required encryption. But just like any certificate, an SSL certificate has an expiration date. HTTPS Monitoring helps you remember these important renewal dates. Semonto warns you well in advance when your SSL certificate is about to expire so that you can get your certificate renewed before it becomes a problem.

Ivo Boeykens
founder of akapivo bvba

Semonto informed us that our SSL certificate was about to expire. This was unexpected because we have automatic renewal via Let's Encrypt. Since we force the use of https, our site was guaranteed to go offline. Semonto gave us a warning in advance, and a certain crisis was prevented!

Why you need SSL Monitoring

To avoid security warnings

If you forget to renew your SSL certificate, your website or webshop will be flagged. Visitors will get a message that 'the connection is not private' or 'this website is not secure'. Not exactly a good first impression. By renewing your certificate in time, you make sure that your visitors are never scared away by these alarming messages.

To double-check automatic renewal scripts

We send you a reminder when your SSL certificates are about to expire. Because even if you have enabled automatic renewal scripts, something can still go wrong. Don't wait until your SSL certificate has expired. Use Semonto to stay ahead of problems.

To check against the certificate revocation list

Even if your certificate expiry date has not yet been reached, your SSL Certificate can be revoked remotely for other reasons. The Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) keeps track of all certificates that were revoked. Semonto double-checks with the OCSP to make sure that your certificate has not been revoked and that your SSL Chain is valid at all times.

Get notified of any SSL issue

The expiry date is not the only thing to keep an eye on. There is a validation chain that runs all the way from the root certificate to your domain certificate. Any error or expired element in that chain can cause your SSL certificate to fail. Your certificate can also be revoked, even if your expiry date has not been reached. Semonto takes all these factors into account and lets you know when action is required.

What you can expect

  • Instant notifications when an issue is detected
  • Continuously validations of the SSL certificate expiration dates
  • Checks of your SSL Chain
  • Checks via Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) of your certificate, and chain
  • Be notified when your SSL certificate is about to expire, so you can react in time

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SSL Monitoring is available on all our plans. We just need your domain name. Enter your domain name, activate the SSL test and you are ready to go.

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We will send you notifications how you prefer, via email, SMS, push notifications and more. Be notified before your SSL certificate is expired so you can react in time.

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Get confident

You do not need to remember expiration dates anymore. No need to wake up in the middle of the night wondering whether you renewed your certificate in time. Semonto will let you know.

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