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Be in complete control of your servers. Semonto keeps them healthy and running without interruption.

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Be in complete control of your servers

Are you spending way too much time putting out fires, fixing bugs, and helping clients during an outage? Are you sacrificing late nights and weekends just to keep all systems running? Start monitoring your servers with Semonto and relax. No need to watch your back constantly. Have Semonto do it for you.

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Incidents happen at the most inconvenient times

Time management is important. But when you are responsible for a server, managing your time is nearly impossible. One technical glitch can mess up your entire schedule. You have to drop everything and get the system up and running again. You can never relax, not even outside of office hours.

You need more advanced monitoring than most tools can offer

There are so many monitoring tools out there, but none seem to be catered to your specific needs. So you combine different tools. You do some own programming here and there, just to get the results you need. It's messy. It's time-consuming. And above all, it's not necessary if you have Semonto.

You are fed up with ugly dashboards and complicated settings

Some server monitoring tools are easy to use but limited in functionalities. Others are open to customization but are unnecessarily complicated. In some tools, the collected data is only stored for a very limited amount of time. Or the interface is just not visually appealing. Or the pricing is not transparent. Finding the perfect server monitoring tool is a hassle!

Start monitoring your server with Semonto

Prevent incidents and get peace of mind

There are plenty of monitors out there that will alert you when the performance of your server is affected. But Semonto does more than that. It helps you prevent them altogether. Be alerted before your disk space is full and before a failed cron job impacts your end-users.
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Monitor anything with self-defined tests

With Semonto you can monitor more than the availability, health, and tasks of your servers. You can also create custom tests to monitor specific traits of your own projects. You can keep an eye on the behaviour of your software and make sure your services are not halted by stalled tasks in a job-queue. With our pulse checks, you can even monitor a server behind a firewall. Use predefined tests or create custom tests to meet your specific requirements.
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Boost your efficiency with personalized settings

With Semonto you can customize almost everything. Change the testing frequency, the testing location, or the notification settings. Create additional logins for your team members. Customize or password-protect your status pages. Use standard, extended, or custom tests. Keep a perfect overview at all times using tags and filters. With perfect personal settings, your efficiency will skyrocket.
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A wide range of notification options

Semonto has several notification options to make sure that everyone in your team receives the right information in their preferred format: e-mail notifications, SMS text messages, voice mail messages, push notifications, and even Tweets. You can even create webhooks and get the notifications in your Slack channel. Just think about the time you could save.
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