Domain Monitoring

Semonto warns you in advance when your domain is about to expire or when something unexpected changes. Get started for as little as $7 per month.

Protect your domain

Monitoring is a way to protect your domain against expiration. Semonto keeps an eye on the expiration date, ensuring you're notified well in advance. This way, you can avoid that your domain is deleted or gets claimed by somebody else.

Why is it important to monitor your domain?

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Some domains are not automatically renewed

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Even automatic renewal can fail, for example if your credit card is rejected.

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If you forget to renew your domain, your website becomes inaccessible.

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Any with your domain-associated e-mail services go

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If your domain is not renewed, it can be hijacked by someone else.

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If your domain remains inaccessible, it harms your sales, SEO and reputation.

How domain monitoring works

  • Enter the URL of the domain you want to monitor.
  • Semonto will start watching the status and expiration date
  • If your domain is about to expire, Semonto will warn you 14 days and 5 days in advance.
  • You can rest assured that no domain issues escape your attention.
  • Semonto will also keep an eye on the domain status and alerts you when it changes to an unexpected status, like Client Hold or Pending Deletion.

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Know the status of your domain

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What is a TLD and why does it matter?

Your domain is your address on the internet. For example, Semonto’s domain is called The part of your domain name following the dot (for example com, org or gov) is called the top-level domain or TLD. Some domains, for example the ones with TLD .be (Belgium) and .nl (The Netherlands), do not allow domain monitoring (yet). Here’s the list of TLDs that are supported.

A graphic with the domain life cycle

Get started in minutes

Get started.

You do not need to download or install anything. Just create a Semonto account and enter the domain you want to monitor. We will take it from there!

Get notified

Choose your preferred notification method: email, Slack, push notifications, webhook, voice call, SMS, and more. Semonto allows multiple contacts for added convenience.

Get confident

You can rest assured that you will always be the first to know when something is wrong with your domain, so that you can protect your brand, services and reputation.

How we monitor domains: using RDAP

To monitor domains, we consult a database that can be compared to an international phonebook, but for domains. This used to be called a WHOIS-search. This list is managed by non-profit organization IANA, using a protocol called RDAP: Registration Data Access Protocol. All domains are collected in this overview. When you activate domain monitoring, Semonto will access this database to retrieve the most recent information about your domain, like the expiry date, the registrar and the current status.

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