Monitoring for Content Managers

Make sure that all your web pages and blog posts are free from technical issues. Semonto watches all your pages 24/7, so visitors and search engines can always enjoy your content.

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Sloppy content is bad for business

Creating content is fun, but maintaining content can be a drag. With Semonto, you stay on top of your websites and blogs. Whenever a link breaks, the website is down, or an image is not displayed correctly, you get alerted. Let Semonto watch all your webpages, so you don’t have to.

Does this sound familiar?

Errors keep popping up

Don’t you hate it when someone points out that one of your pages is not working properly? The more content you have, the harder it gets to keep it all running.

Content gets messy

If you want to outrank the competition, you need to regularly update, merge and delete articles and pages. And by doing that, you inevitably break stuff on your website.

Problems get caught, but only when you test

A few times a year, you perform a content audit. That is when all the technical issues get fixed. But in between tests, nobody has a clue of what works.

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Don’t let broken links pile up

Get a notification whenever a link to a page, image, or resource gets broken. This way, you can fix it straight away, before your visitors find out. The result? A clean, mean content machine.
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Monitor your website 24/7

Imagine this. Your killer newsletter sends traffic to your website, right when it goes offline. With Semonto, you are the first to know when something like that happens. Never get caught off-guard.
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Don’t get blocked by browsers

One of the most frequently overlooked causes of website problems is your security certificate. If your IT partner forgets to renew it, your website gets flagged or ever blocked. Make sure this never happens.
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