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Mockups of Semonto on a desktop


NEW: Status pages showing mixed content and broken links

A status page is a web page that shows the current status of a service. But when you add broken links and mixed content to the page, it really gets interesting.

Kathy Salden - 2 September 2021

Mockup of Semonto on a desktop


A recap of the latest improvements to Semonto

In the past year, we have added some new features to Semonto, and we are always working to further improve the tool. Let's give you a recap, followed by a sneak peek of what's still to come.

Jelle Kalkman - 16 June 2021

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Use Case

3 Monitoring Hacks for Website developers

We asked Ivo, a web developer who frequently uses Semonto, to explain how he monitors the websites he builds for his clients and whether he can share some helpful monitoring hacks for other website developers like himself.

Jelle De Laender - 19 May 2021

Screenshot of Semonto's public tool


4 Free Tools to Check The Health of Your Website

Every website will run pretty smoothly for the first year or so. But just like a car, it will start to fall apart over time if you do not give it a regular check-up. At Coding Mammoth, we have created 4 free tools to check the health of your website. In the following sections, we will explain what these checks are, why they are important and how you can use them for free.

Jelle De Laender - 19 April 2021

MijnLijn artwork

Use Case

Monitoring MijnLijn API and servers

Semonto is great for monitoring websites and webshops' availability and reachability and for locating mixed content and broken links. But Semonto can also be used to deeply monitor custom web applications like MijnLijn.

Jelle De Laender - 7 April 2021

Screenshot of a status page


Mixed content: a lesser-known threat to your website security

In a previous post, we already explained why it is crucial to secure your website with an HTTPS certificate. This certificate ensures that your connection is encrypted and nobody can infiltrate the communication between your server and the visitor of your site. But even with a valid HTTPS certificate, the security of your connection can still get compromised if you have mixed content on your website.

Kathy Salden - 1 March 2021

Illustration of a laptop showing an server error in a browser

Use Case

Is your website down? Use our free reachability tool and find out immediately.

If you cannot reach your website, the first thing you want to know is whether it is down for everyone or just you. To help you do just that, we developed a free tool that gives you the answer within seconds.

Kathy Salden - 1 February 2021

Black and white photo of a chain


Broken Links on Your Website - How to Prevent, Find and Fix Them

Are you sure that all links on your website are working? When was the last time you tested them? Did you know that you can automate this test? Check out this article for more information on how you can do this.

Kathy Salden - 11 January 2021

Coding Mammoth office


Semonto's 2020 wrap-up

2020 was a weird and unique year for everyone, for sure. The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone in one way or another, including us. Luckily, at Coding Mammoth, the company behind Semonto, we were already working fully remotely and distributed, and our sector was not that affected. Still, we felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jelle De Laender - 21 December 2020

Womens hands holding a mobile phone showning a chart

Use Case

Is your website connection secure? Use our free SSL certificate checker and find out immediately

If your HTTPS/SSL certificate is invalid, your visitors will get an annoying warning message and will not be able to access your site. Use our free tool to find out whether your connection is still secure.

Kathy Salden - 7 December 2020

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