Find out about the latest changes on our server monitoring tools and related topics.

What we can learn from LinkedIn's downtime

Tweets about LinkedIn downtime Kathy Salden - 11 February 2020

Last January, LinkedIn was down for three hours, and users were anxiously waiting for updates. What can we learn from this incident? Find out in this blog.

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The SEO impact of downtime and how to avoid it

Illustration of laptop with 404 page and Google Analytics Kathy Salden - 14 January 2020

Will technical problems affect your position in Google? Is downtime bad for your SEO? Discover how downtime affects your search ranking.

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What to do if your website is down

Illustrative image of lego figure with a broken computer Jelle De Laender - 10 December 2019

Is your website down? There are some things you can do to figure out what is going on. In this blog, we will take you through the process step by step.

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We have improved the lay-out of your uptime reports

Screenshot of the new uptime reports Kathy Salden - 26 November 2019

Every month, we send you an overview of the sites you are monitoring with Semonto. From now on, for a better readability of the report we will organize monitors by group and add a performance preview for each monitor.

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7 ways to prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Womens hands holding a mobile phone showning a chart Jelle De Laender - 25 November 2019

Can your website handle the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness? With this checklist, your website is ready for a possible peak in traffic.

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Introduction of contact groups in Semonto Supervisor

Mockup showning the Semonto Supervisor on a laptop Jelle Kalkman - 15 October 2019

We made some major changes to how to configure how Semonto warns you when issues arise. These configurations are now much easier to reuse and adapt for multiple monitors and pulsechecks.

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Digital Marketer & Copywriter Wanted

Semonto logo on a light background Jelle De Laender - 13 September 2019

Are you a native Dutch speaking freelancer, your English is fluent and you have an affinity with ICT? You might be the Copywriter/Digital Marketeer we are looking for to apply your expertise for our Semonto service.

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The World Wide Web is 30 years old

Screenshot of the first website in line mode at Jelle De Laender - 12 March 2019

The World Wide Web is 30 years old today and has become unmissable by most people.

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New release: Added logs and improved test details

A mockup of Semonto Supervisor on a laptop showing the logs in an uptime report Jelle Kalkman - 16 February 2019

With this version we added logs to the uptime reports and improved the details of individual test results.

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12★apps Christmas Special

The 12★apps logo on a background of the universe Jelle De Laender - 26 December 2018

Semonto takes part in the 12★apps Christmas Special.

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Improved user experience, onboarding and more

A mockup of Semonto Supervisor on a mobile phone and a tablet Jelle Kalkman - 18 December 2018

We are happy to announce that we released a new version of Supervisor where we improved the user experience on multiple parts.

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

Relaxed person with a laptop and Black Friday / Cyber Monday discount offer Jelle De Laender - 22 November 2018

Black Friday / Cyber Monday! 20% discount on until 29 November 2018!

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Improved status pages

A screenshot of a status page made with Semonto Supervisor Jelle Kalkman - 30 October 2018

We are happy to announce a new version of Supervisor with improved status pages.

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