WordPress monitoring in Semonto


Our WordPress plugin is live!

As of today, you can install the Semonto plugin to monitor your WordPress website and configure server health tests from within the WordPress dashboard.

Jelle De Laender - 2 May 2024

Office with cron job monitoring


Bye bye PulseChecks, Hello Cron job monitoring

Do you know our Pulsecheck feature?

Jelle De Laender - 23 April 2024

Domain status in Semonto on a desktop background.


New feature: Domain Monitoring

We have recently released a new feature in Semonto: domain monitoring. In this article, we explain what domain monitoring is, why you need it and how it works. Let’s dive in!

Jelle De Laender - 21 March 2024

A screenshot of our new pricing page in a desktop mock up


We changed our pricing. Here’s what’s new.

No, this is not another announcement by a SaaS tool to announce a pricing increase. In fact, most customers will notice a slight price reduction. Find out why we changed our pricing and what it means for your subscription.

Jelle De Laender - 12 February 2024

A PandaPanda team meeting

Use Case

PandaPanda: “Our products are built to last. With Semonto, we can prove it.”

These days, creating beautiful websites and apps is not enough. You also have to keep them up and running. We asked digital agency PandaPanda how they use monitoring to make sure that their products stand the test of time.

Jelle De Laender - 17 January 2024

Illustration of Semonto with a computer terminal with fireworks background.

Life at Semonto

Semonto's 2023 wrap-up

In the last week of 2023, we love to take a moment to look back at everything that happened this year.

Jelle De Laender - 29 December 2023

A screenshot of Server health status in Semonto


NEW in Semonto: Server Health Monitoring

We've just added Server Health Monitoring as a standalone feature in Semonto! In short: it is now easier than ever to test your server's health independently of your website monitoring.

Jelle De Laender - 3 October 2023

Screenshot of search function in Semonto

Use Case

Decomundo: “Without Semonto, we wouldn’t even know if there was a problem with our website.”

How important is your website when you have a design furniture company? Kevin Van den Broeck, CEO of design furniture store Decomundo, explains how he keeps his website up and running

Kathy Salden - 24 August 2023

Screenshot of certificate validation in Semonto


Get notified of all SSL certificate changes

We don’t need to tell you how important it is for your website health to have a valid SSL certificate. That is why, by default, Semonto lets you know when a certificate is in trouble or about to expire. But today, we are taking it one step further.

Jelle De Laender - 13 July 2023

Hand on laptop keyboard

Tips and Tricks

Is poorly written code harming the performance of your website? (Here’s how to avoid the top 7 mistakes)

Your code tells your website what to do. If these instructions are flawed, the website can stop working correctly or even go offline. Here are some examples of how poorly written code can harm your website and how to avoid the top 7 coding mistakes.

Jelle Kalkman - 15 June 2023

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