Website monitoring

Get alerted immediately when your website is unreachable or slow to respond. This way, you can fix the issue before anyone else notices.

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Always in control of your website

There is nothing worse than hearing from someone else that your website has been offline. A failing website not only damages your reputation, it also harms your sales and makes you look unprofessional. As the owner of a website, you have the right to be notified when it is slow to respond or even offline. With Semonto, you can rest assured that you are always the first to know.

Jef Nijs
Owner of children's apparel store Kiddy Kleding

We discovered Semonto just in time. These days, being accessible online is primordial for any business. Without Semonto, we would not have known that our website was sometimes offline.
Now we can intervene before our sales are affected.

Why you need website monitoring

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To protect your reputation

Web visitors who experience slow loading pages, error messages or unavailable services can get very frustrated and will most likely vent about it to others. That is why you want to be the first to know when something is wrong so that you can fix it immediately before people start talking.

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To save money

Did you spend all that marketing and sales budget to get people to your website, only to lose them again over slow-loading pages or unavailable services? Probably not. Research shows a direct link between downtime and a loss in sales. Invest in good monitoring now, and it will pay itself back multiple times.

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To avoid search engine penalties

A lot has been said and written about SEO. But even with all the right keywords and links in place, you will drop in the search results if your website is constantly having issues. With website monitoring, you can track and improve your availability and avoid that all your SEO efforts go to waste.

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To find the best hosting provider

A hosting provider can make promises about uptime to convince you to become a customer. But without an objective partner like Semonto, you will never know how your website is actually performing. Use our monthly uptime statistics to see whether you are getting the quality you deserve.

What you can expect

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Instant notifications

Instant notifications when your website experiences issues. You can select your preferred notification method: text, email or push notification.

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Uptime Reports

Objective monthly reports about the uptime of your websites. You receive a digital update in your inbox as well as a detailed PDF you can share with clients and colleagues.

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Detailed information

When issues occur, detailed information about the timing, duration and type of error will be stored.

Get started in minutes

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Get started.

Simply enter the URL you would like to monitor. Keep it simple if you are just starting out or add additional tests and settings into the mix if you are an advanced user.

Get notified

You then start receiving notifications of any issues. You also get monthly reports about your uptime.

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Get confident

By understanding the frequency and cause of downtime, you can improve your website and stay fully in control of the quality of your service.

Tests from multiple locations

Semonto performs the same tests from multiple locations to avoid false positives. In other words, we get a ‘second opinion’ before alerting you. If your server is down in one location (for example, Amsterdam) we verify the result by testing again from a second location (for example, New York). Only if both test locations confirm the problem, we send out an alert. If you want, you can go even further and specify how long we should wait before notifying you for each test.

Our testing locations:

  • Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • New York (USA)
  • San Francisco (USA)
  • Bangalore (India)

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