Website monitoring

Is it necesarry that your website is up and running at all times? Do you want to be informed instantly when your website is not reachable? Use a Semonto Webapp to monitor it status. You can define what and how often you want to test this.

Website monitoring tools

Icon Website Speed

Ping and Latency test

Use the ping and latency test to verify if your website is reachable at all and if it responds within the given timeframe.

Icon Website Content

Content check

Semonto can test your website for required or forbidden content. If required content is missing or forbidden content is shown, it could indicate that something is wrong with your site.

Alert options

Be alerted when something happens, We have multiple alert options so you can pick the best method how you want to be alerted. You can receive free push notifications with our iOS application.

If you want Semonto to notify a larger audience, you can let it send a Tweet. Or use a webhook for any other custom alert.

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Icon Create

Easy to set up

Website monitoring is easy to set up with Semonto. An easy to use wizards guides you through the setup process to set up the monitoring within minutes.

PulseCheck settings screenshot
Icon Settings

Easy to configure

Just as the set up process, Semonto has been designed to be as easy as use as possible. Define how you want to be alerted and how often your website need to be tested via the web interface.

PulseCheck test location screenshot

Semonto offers a wide range of features to support your online business.

All off Semonto's features are available in every plan.

Icon Server Monitoring

Server monitoring

Monitor the uptime, load or memory-usage of a dedicated or virtual server. Read more

Icon Status Page

Status Pages

Easily share the status of your services with your customers. Read more

Icon Uptime Report

Uptime Reports

Based on the monthly and detailed reports, you have a good overview how your websites or servers perform. Read more

Icon PulseCheck


When a server is not accessible over the internet, such as a database server, it can be monitored with a PulseCheck. Read more

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