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Get alerted of any insecure content on your website so you can fix the problem before anyone notices. Protect the security, reputation and content of your website.

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Let nothing undermine your security

Security is of the utmost importance if you want your customers to trust you. Mixed content is one of the lesser-known ways that this security can get compromised. When you pull resources from a non-secure source (like images, audio files or videos over an HTTP connection), you mix up HTTPS and HTTP. That is also referred to as mixed content. Semonto will inform you when that happens so that you can fix the issue before anyone is affected.

Why you need a mixed content monitor

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For your reputation

If your website contains mixed content, browsers will notice. They will inform your visitors that the site that they are about to visit is not secure. That makes you look untrustworthy as a company. With a mixed content monitor, you can fix mixed content before the browsers notice it.

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For your security

Especially when payment transactions are involved, a secure connection is a must to protect your visitors. Mixed content is a loophole in your secure connection. This means that there is a possibility that people with bad intentions gain access to the information that is being exchanged. Avoid this by monitoring mixed content.

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For your content

Some browsers simply will not load content that is not secure. In other words: images could be missing from your web page without your knowledge. Semonto will inform you of mixed content so that you can be sure that images, audio, video and files are properly displayed.

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For your SEO

Search engines use different parameters to evaluate web pages and show the best ones first. And since mixed content degrades the security of your website, it will negatively impact your position in the search engine ranking. Use mixed content monitoring to watch and improve your performance.

What you can expect

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Automated checks

No need to remember or perform tests manually. Semonto checks your website for mixed content automatically multiple times per week.

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Customized notifications

When Semonto finds mixed content on your website, you get notified immediately. You can pick the notification method: e-mail, text message, push notification or even a telephone call.

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Detailed reporting

You get a detailed overview of all the mixed content we have found on your website. You can download the list in an Excel, CSV or JSON format for easy reporting.

Get started in minutes

Get started

Enter the URL of the website that you want to monitor. Semonto will start checking all the pages for mixed content, not just the homepage.

Get notified

When Semonto finds mixed content on your website, you get notified immediately. You can pick the notification method: e-mail, text message, push notification, webhook or even a telephone call.

Get informed

In the dashboard, you get a detailed overview of the mixed content, along with the location and name of the insecure piece of content. You can download the report in an Excel, CSV or JSON format.

Get confident

You can rest at ease. We will inform you if any mixed content appears on your website. No need to perform manual checks. Semonto has your back.

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