Monitoring for Webshops

Semonto keeps you informed of everything that happens to your webshop: downtime, slow responses, broken links and security concerns. This way you can fix issues before they turn into a problem.

Don't let anything interrupt your sales

Running a webshop is difficult. Every detail counts - the product descriptions, the payment methods, the return policy. But all your efforts can go to waste the minute your webshop fails: it can go offline, the security can get compromised or an important link can stop working. Don't let anything interrupt your sales flow. Especially not technical issues. Start monitoring your webshop so that you can keep the money coming in.

Does this sound familiar?

You had to hear from someone else that your webshop was down

A webshop will not inform you when it’s having technical difficulties. Your customers could be bumping into error messages or slow-loading pages for hours without you even realizing it. Customers who cannot complete their purchase will go elsewhere. And they may never come back

You want your customers to feel safe and protected

Especially when payment transactions are involved, a secure connection is a must to protect your visitors. If you are not monitoring your website, a failed certificate or a case of mixed content could compromise the security of your connection. This means that people with bad intentions can gain access to the information that is being exchanged, putting your visitors at risk.

If a link stops working, you want to know

A webshop is a collection of hyperlinks. These links connect the different pages of your website to each other. If a link stops working, a part of your webshop becomes inaccessible. Links break all the time. But testing all of them manually every day is an impossible task.

Start monitoring your webshop with Semonto

Have issues fixed before anyone notices

Semonto is an online watchdog that keeps an eye on your webshop 24/7. Whenever an issue occurs, you get notified immediately. This way, you can solve the problem before anybody notices. Treat your webshop like would treat any employee - make sure that it reaches its full potential.

Keep your webshop connection secure

A security warning is the result of a failed HTTPS-certificate. To put it plainly, the HTTPS in front of your URL proves that your website is secure. But that license has an expiration date. It needs to be renewed regularly. Semonto warns you when your SSL certificate is about to expire so you can have it renewed in time and your customers never get spooked by security warnings.

Always have the objective facts about your performance

With Semonto you have access to the status of your webshop at all times. You get an alert when an issue arises and another alert when the issue has been fixed. Every month, you receive an uptime report. It tells you whether the webshop was offline or slow and how long it lasted. The report helps you objectively compare hosting partners and switch if necessary.

Locate broken links immediately

When a hyperlink on your website breaks, a file or web page becomes inaccessible. If you are not monitoring your website, it could take months for you to realize that there is a problem. By then, the damage is done. Broken links negatively affect your sales, your reputation, and your SEO. Semonto frequently scans your entire website and sends you a list of all the broken links. This overview allows you to repair broken links before your revenue or SEO is affected.

Get alerted of non-secure elements on your website

Mixed content is one of the lesser-known threats to your security. When you pull images or files from a non-secure source (over an HTTP connection), the protection provided by your HTTPS certificate gets compromised. Semonto will inform you when that happens so that you can restore the security level before any harm is done.

Start monitoring your webshop with Semonto

5 stars icon Protect your reputation

Saving money icon Keep sales coming in

Chart icon Get full transparency

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