Content Monitoring

With content monitoring, you get notified when required content is missing or when forbidden content is found. This also known as keyword monitoring.

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Why you need Content Monitoring

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To keep your website safe

If a specific phrase no longer appears on your website, that can indicate that your website has been hacked or that there is a technical issue causing your website to return a blank page.

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To stay in control

Get notified when someone changes the content of a web page, accidentally or on purpose, perhaps without your permission.

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To stay informed

Receive an alert when ‘out of stock’ changes to ‘available’ or when a vacancy matching your profile appears on the job page of a company you are interested in.

Monitor for required content

Check a web page for words or phrases that always need to be there. If the content is absent, it means that something is wrong.

Examples of required content:

  • Your Facebook pixel
  • Your company name
  • Your signature in a footer

Monitor for forbidden content

Some words or phrases should never appear on your web page. With Semonto, you can get a notification whenever forbidden content is found.

Examples of forbidden content:

  • Error
  • Out of stock
  • Not found

How Content Monitoring Works

Specify which page you want to monitor

Let us know which web page we need to scan. Enter the URL in Semonto to create a monitor.

Specify keywords or phrases to scan for

Type the words or phrases that are required or forbidden on a certain web page. Semonto will then start scanning.

Select how you want to be notified

By default, Semonto notifies you by e-mail. Other options are push notifications, Slack messages, voice calls, SMS text messages, webhooks and more.

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