Is your website connection secure? Use our free TLS/SSL certificate checker and find out immediately

If your TLS/SSL certificate is invalid, your visitors will get an annoying warning message and will not be able to access your site. Use our free tool to find out whether your connection is still secure.

Just enter the URL to check your site's SSL-certificate

An HTTPS certificate adds a layer of protection to your website. Without it, your visitors will get a security warning that your site is not secure.

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Why you need a valid HTTPS certificate

An SSL/TLS certificate (also called HTTPS certificate) proves that the connection between your web server and your web browser is secured by a required layer of encryption. But an TLS/SSL certificate has an expiry date or can be revoked remotely. If you do not renew your certificate in time, your visitors will be informed that the connection is not secure, and they will not be able to access your website.

Free check to see whether your certificate is still valid

With our free HTTPS/SSL certificate checker, you can find out whether your certificate is still valid. Just enter your URL and you get the results in seconds. You will receive the name of the certificate authority and the number of days until the expiration date.

The expiry date is not the only thing to keep an eye on. There is a validation chain that runs from your domain certificate up to the root certificate, also known as Certificate Authority (CA). Any error or expired element in that chain can cause your TLS/SSL certificate to fail. If there is an issue with the validation chain, you will see it in the test results.

Find out whether your certificate has been revoked

Even if your certificate expiry date has not yet been reached, your TLS/SSL Certificate can be revoked for other reasons. Semonto double-checks with the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) to make sure that your certificate has not been revoked and that your SSL Chain is valid at all times.

TLS/SSL certificate monitoring from different locations

We will run the HTTPS/SSL test from 4 different monitoring locations: New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. This is important because your website might be hosted on multiple servers on different locations, for example through a geo-optimised CDN. Then the content will run on the server location that is closest to the end user, to give your users the best possible experience. A different server means a different configuration and possibly a different SSL certificate. By testing your website via multiple locations, we test your multiple servers and double-check whether all used TLS/SSL Certificates are OK.

Want to keep an eye on your HTTPS certificate 24/7?

Our monitoring tool Semonto keeps an eye on your website 24/7 and lets you know in advance when your TLS/SSL certificate is about to expire so that you can renew it in time. Why not give it a try? We have a 14-day free trial period. No strings attached. No credit card required. Get started for free.

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Keep monitoring your TLS/SSL certificates

Get alerted automatically

Our monitoring tool Semonto checks the validity of your TLS/SSL certificate 24/7 and alerts you when there is a problem. This gives you the opportunity to renew your HTTPS certificate well in advance and avoid embarrassing security warnings.

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More monitoring options

Semonto alerts you when something is wrong with your website, app or server so you can fix the issue before anyone notices. HTTPS monitoring is just one of the options. Discover the features that help you stay in control.

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