Terms of Service


When you create an account on Semonto.com, you will need to agree with the terms of service. Semonto is a product of CodingMammoth and is the abbreviation of 'Server Monitoring Tool'. CodingMammoth is a Belgian company, located near Ghent. For more information on CodingMammoth please visit www.codingmammoth.com.

Accounts (Upgrade, Downgrade, Canceling, Renewing)

A trial account is valid for 60 days, after this date, the account will be expired and Semonto will stop monitoring the linked servers. It's possible to upgrade the account to a paid account, see Semonto.com/pricing for pricing. When you got a paid and active account, you can upgrade, downgrade (unless you got the lowest package) or extend your account at any time. Semonto works on the prepaid model, you can extend your account any time for a minimum of 2 months. When you want to upgrade your account, your account will be extended if the current expiration date is less then 4 months. When your account, paid or free, is going to expire, we'll notify you by email with information how you can extend or upgrade your account. We wont execute any automatic payments, nor we will oblige you to extend your account. If you want to stop using Semonto, you don't need to cancel your account at any date, simply don't extend or upgrade till the account expires. Once your account is expired, Semonto will stop monitoring your servers, your data will still be available for another 6 months. More information at the 'Data Storage'-header below. CodingMammoth will reserve the right to disable your account at any time if you do not conform to the Terms of Service. You have the possibility to downgrade your account any time. Please contact us at sales@semonto.com for more information.

Payments and Invoices

All prices on our website are in US Dollars. We use FastSpring as our main payment processor. You can pay with CreditCards, with a USA Payment Check or even with a PayPal account. Make sure to read ' Purchasing Through FastSpring' at FastSpring for more information. If required, a wired transfer is also possible. In this case, please contact us for more information. Wired transfers are processed manually and can take up to 7 business days. Invoices should be paid within 14 days. If we haven't received your payment within 30 days, we will reserve the right to disable your account. Semonto works on a prepaid base, so we wont send you any unexpected bills. All prices are excluding VAT. It's possible local taxes are added, pending on your location and state. An invoice of any payment is available at the ConfigPanel. As Semonto is a prepaid model, we cannot refund any payment.

Terms of Service

CodingMammoth reserves the right to update these Terms of Service at any time but you will be notified when they do change. The last update occurred on the 27 of January, 2014.

Semonto as a Service

We cannot guarantee an uptime of 100% but we do strive to have our service up at all times. One way we try to achieve this is by having multiple test servers in different parts of the world.

In case Semonto does cause any problems, we cannot be hold responsible. It is in no way our goal to try and hurt your servers, and our track record is clean in that regard. Since Semonto solely works with simple GET-requests (like any normal website does), this shouldn't be a problem for any server.

General Usage

We will not tolerate any misuse of our system by third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, hacking, exceeding the limits of your contract and using other accounts without the explicit permission of the rightful owner. If we do notice this behavior, we will block the responsible ones from using Semonto.

Data Storage

We will store the results of all tests performed by Semonto. Data will be removed as follows: