List of Subprocessors

Coding Mammoth, the company behind Semonto, is using multiple vendors required to provide the Semonto service. The vendors processing customer data are listed below.

Last update: 11 December 2023

NameType of dataPurposeData Location
Digital OceanIP addressesCloud hosting/infrastructureUSA + EU
LinodeIP addressesCloud hosting/infrastructureUSA
NetlifyIP addressesWebsite hosting and CDNUSA
PaddlePayment data Email addressPayment providerUK
Google WorkspaceEmailsEmail ServiceUSA
MandrillEmail addressesTransactional EmailsUSA
MailchimpEmail addressesNewsletter EmailsUSA
MessageBird (Optional)SMS numbersSMS AlertingEU
Clickatell (Optional)SMS numbersSMS AlertingUSA
SalesmateEmail addresses, namesCRMUSA
HeadwayIP addressesRelease notesUSA
SentryIP addressesCollecting crash and exceptions to improve app qualityUSA

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