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With Semonto, you are the first to know when a technical issue affects a website. You can fix errors before search engines notice them.

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Don’t get lost in the ranking factors

Optimising a website for the constantly changing search engine parameters is time-consuming. Semonto makes this easier for you. Whenever a technical issue pops up, you get alerted. We'll keep an eye on the technical SEO of your websites so that you can focus on the rest.

Does this sound familiar?

Most SEO tools skip the technical part

Many SEO tools focus on keywords and backlinks. Most skip technical ranking factors like HTTPS, mixed content, uptime and broken links.

SEO tools are crazy expensive

Monitoring tools of decent quality are often too expensive for the average SEO expert. So you end up relying on free alternatives with unreliable or limited results.

Tools only update their results once a day

You have fixed an issue and want to know if it worked. With most tools, you must wait until the next day or, even worse, until the next scheduled crawl.

Clients need help understanding what you do

Typically, people who hire you to improve their SEO don’t understand what you do. Without decent reporting visually showing improvements, clients will not appreciate your value.

People make website changes without telling you

A website is a living thing, typically with multiple people working on it. Someone breaks a link, removes your tags or uploads insecure content. Without monitoring and notifications, you have no idea.

Make your life easier with Semonto

Get notified of broken links

Crawlers need links to get around your site, so you want to keep them in great shape. Get notified when one of your links stops working so that you can fix it before users and search engines get frustrated.
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Stay on top of your uptime

For user experience to be good, there needs to be an experience, to begin with. Get notified when a website is down and get a monthly report of its performance. Semonto monitors the availability from multiple locations.
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Retest after you have made an improvement

In Semonto, you run a test every five minutes — or even more frequently if you have an advanced plan. You can immediately see whether the changes you have made have been successful. What a time-saver!

Send nice-looking reports to your clients

In Semonto, you can export a monthly PDF report showing the performance of a selected website. This visual representation of your improvements helps you demonstrate your value and prove your worth as a reliable SEO partner.

Prevent HTTPS issues

HTTPS is a ranking factor that people tend to forget. The website gets flagged or blocked if the hosting partner or web developer fails to renew the security certificate. Semonto warns you in advance when your certificate is about to expire so you can renew it in time.
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