Server health monitoring

Use Semonto to test the health of your servers. If something affects their performance, Semonto alerts you immediately. You can respond quickly and avoid interruption of your service.

Server health monitoring in Semonto

Avoid interruption of your service

With server health monitoring, you keep an eye on the performance of your server. Depending on the type of test, you can check whether the server is up or down (HTTP Status Code) or gather more detailed data such as server load, memory usage and so on. You receive instant notifications of any performance issues. This way, you stay in control and your end users can enjoy your services without interruptions.

Why you need server monitoring

To prevent incidents

It is always easier to fix a small issue early on than to clean up a huge mess when something has spiralled out of control. With Semonto, you are warned immediately. This way, you can act proactively and nip server outages in the bud.

To feel confident

No need to worry when you go home. Semonto will notify you if anything happens. No need to keep a list of periodical checks either. Semonto will do it all automatically. You can relax and feel confident that everything is under control.

To improve productivity

The server is the beating heart of any organization. Even the smallest interruption will cause a dramatic drop in productivity levels. After being distracted by an outage, it generally takes people 23 minutes to get back into focus.

Philip Verbist
Founder of

We needed a way to know exactly when our servers were down without getting a lot of false positives. Semonto came to the rescue. They check our servers every 5 minutes. When a test fails, they first verify from another location before notifying us. It works like a charm!

What you can monitor

Technical aspects of your server

  • Checkmark icon Disk Space
  • Checkmark icon Load Average
  • Checkmark icon Memory Usage
  • Checkmark icon Current Server Load
  • Checkmark icon Server Temperature
  • Checkmark icon Hard Drive Health

Database and activity

  • Checkmark icon Basic SQL Queries
  • Checkmark icon Last Sync
  • Checkmark icon Last Activity

Your own software

  • Checkmark icon Queues
  • Checkmark icon Running Processes
  • Checkmark icon Job Execution Time
  • Checkmark icon Anything you can dream of...

What makes it special

shield icon

No security risk

Most server information that you want to monitor is shielded from the outside world for security reasons. That is why we have built a safe bridge between your server and Semonto. This way, your own server executes the test and communicates the results to us through a secure communication bridge. Easy and safe!

mouse icon

No software needed

Unlike other custom server monitoring solutions, Semonto does not require you to download any third-party software. Our agentless monitoring happens through a secure communication bridge between your server and our dashboard.

label icon

Customizable to your needs

Not only the tests can be adapted to your needs, but you can also customize the dashboard. It offers a clear overview, even if you have a large number of monitors. Tags can be used for easier filtering, and groups help you to manage and edit settings for multiple monitors at the same time.

What you can use it for

Here are some examples of what custom tests can be used for

API icon


To check the logs of external APIs to make sure that they are still performing the way they should.

server load icon

Amount of traffic

To monitor the traffic on your app (calls per minute) and be alerted when you are reaching a threshold.

server status icon

Internal status

To follow the status of your internal server and monitor the inode limit.

server sync icon


To get the last synchronization date of a server.

server load icon


To know the number of active agents and the last activity.

cogs icon


To make sure that a certain program (such as anti-virus) is still running and has recently been updated.

light bulb icon


And any other server monitor you can imagine.

A variety of testing options

HTTP Status Code test

Know if the server is up or down. Perform basic health endpoint validation, based on the HTTP code. Receive the result in the form of an HTTP code, for example: HTTP 200 if everything is OK

    Predefined detailed tests

    Use one of our predefined templates to get more detailed results, such as:

    • Orange checkmark icon Disk space
    • Orange checkmark icon Memory Usage
    • Orange checkmark icon Server Load
    • Orange checkmark icon My SQL ping

    Custom extended tests

    Create your own test to get more detailed results about anything that matters to you.

      Supported frameworks

      Tests from multiple locations

      Semonto performs the same tests from multiple locations to avoid false positives. In other words, we get a ‘second opinion’ before alerting you. If your server is down in one location (for example, Amsterdam) we verify the result by testing again from a second location (for example, New York). Only if both test locations confirm the problem, we send out an alert. If you want, you can go even further and specify how long we should wait before notifying you for each test.

      Our testing locations:

      • Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
      • Frankfurt (Germany)
      • New York (USA)
      • San Francisco (USA)
      • Bangalore (India)

      Get started in minutes

      Create a health endpoint on your server

      Create a health endpoint on your server or adjust an existing health endpoint to be compatible with Semonto. If you need to create a new endpoint you can use our framework as a starting point. Semonto is also compatible with health endpoints such as Laravel-health, Drupal and WordPress. On your server you can create any health test you want.

      Create a monitor in Semonto

      Now that you have created a health endpoint, you can create a monitor for the server in Semonto. Just supply the URL and select the correct type of endpoint.

      Get the results in your dashboard

      The results of your tests are displayed in your Semonto dashboard. So everything comes together in one, clear overview.

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