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PandaPanda: “Our products are built to last. With Semonto, we can prove it.”

These days, creating beautiful websites and apps is not enough. You also have to keep them up and running. We asked digital agency PandaPanda how they use monitoring to make sure that their products stand the test of time.

A PandaPanda team meeting
Jelle De Laender 17 January 2024

Digital products, built to last

PandaPanda is a digital product studio located in Antwerp. The agency designs and develops – as their tagline proclaims - damn good digital products, built to last. The team consists of designers and developers, who create web apps, websites, mobile apps and digital platforms. They also offer UX and UI consultancy and perform website and web app audits. “Websites, apps and platforms are a part of daily life. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t built right. We want to change that”, Co-founder and CTO Arno explains. “Our products are not just great to look at, but also easy to use.”

Design, development and maintenance

While PandaPanda has some large corporate clients in its portfolio, the Belgian agency mainly focuses on serving start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs. ”We love taking an idea through the design process, tearing it apart, and rebuilding it to find the perfect solution”, Arno elaborates. “Our favorite projects are assignments that involve the entire team: development, design, UX and UI.” What sets PandaPanda apart from the competition? That would be their focus on continuously serving clients. They don’t just build digital products, they also keep them up and running. Maintenance and security checks are part of the service. And that is where Semonto comes in.

Objective proof of excellence

“With Semonto, we can monitor all websites, servers and apps 24/7. We get a monthly uptime percentage for each of them. Before, we did not have a way to objectively demonstrate the quality of our services. Yes, the websites we developed were consistently online, secure and performing well, but we did not communicate that to our clients. A performance report is an extra way of showing that we care and that we are building things to last.” And if something does go wrong, Semonto immediately sends out a notification. “Issues are not always caused by us: an SSL certificate renewal can fail or a link to an external source can get broken. Semonto picks up on these things quickly so we can communicate proactively. Sometimes we can even fix the issue before the client is affected.”

A PandaPanda team meeting

With Semonto, we can offer the greatest value to our clients

At PandaPanda, Semonto is being used by the two co-founders and the members of the development team. The features they use the most, are uptime monitoring, broken link monitoring and SSL certificate monitoring. They also give website clients a status page, on which they can get see the status of their website in real time. “To me, Semonto is a great tool for keeping a large number of websites healthy and up and running without much effort,” Arno concludes. “The quick notifications allow us to provide the best possible to our customers. This added value fits perfectly in our ‘built to last’ vision.”

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