NEW in Semonto: Server Health Monitoring

We've just added Server Health Monitoring as a standalone feature in Semonto! In short: it is now easier than ever to test your server's health independently of your website monitoring.

A screenshot of Server health status in Semonto
Jelle De Laender 3 October 2023

What is the difference between website monitoring and server monitoring?

Website monitoring focuses on your website and its content. For example: Is the website reachable? Do all links work? Server monitoring happens on a more technical level. For example, does the web server itself work as expected? Is the database running and do you have access? Does the disk still have enough space? Through server health monitoring, you can also be warned of issues that are not causing an error yet.

Why the change?

We introduced Server Health Monitoring for two reasons.

  • Clarity: Website monitoring and server monitoring are now two separate features in Semonto. You can access and configure server health tests independently of your websites, making it easier to keep things separate.
  • Freedom: Our server health test is customizable to your needs, allowing you to create a basic or extended test, depending on your needs.
  • Future improvements: We will continue to build upon this feature, adding additional integrations and frameworks, so stay tuned!

What does the server health test do?

  • Return an HTTP status code: You can perform a basic server health test that just lets you know that your server is OK.
  • You can also perform extended tests, like your disk space, server load, memory usage and more. Semonto has a ready-made framework you can use to obtain more detailed information from your server.

Who has access to this feature?

Nobody will get charged extra for this feature. If you have an Advanced or Expert plan, Server Health Monitoring will be automatically activated in your account. Since server monitoring is something only web professionals require, the feature is not included in the Basic plan. If you have a Basic plan and feel like you do need server monitoring, you can upgrade to a plan that better fits your needs.

How to get started

Eager to start testing? We have written a step-by-step manual to get you on your way. We're excited to bring you this upgrade to Semonto. Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait for you to explore this new feature. Let us know how you get on and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Happy monitoring!

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