Our WordPress plugin is live!

As of today, you can install the Semonto plugin to monitor your WordPress website and configure server health tests from within the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress monitoring in Semonto
Jelle De Laender 2 May 2024

Get the Semonto plugin

It’s finally here 🥳! The Semonto plugin is now available in the WordPress plugin store. You can install and activate it from within your WordPress dashboard.

Our plugin in the plugin store

Monitor the health of your server from within WordPress

If you combine our server health monitoring with the WordPress plugin, the test results are displayed directly in your Semonto account.

The settings page of our plugin in WordPress

Want to get started and play around with the possibilities? We wrote a step-by-step manual to get you started.

We’d love your support and feedback

Are you an avid WordPress user? Download the plugin and get started. And if you really want to put a smile on our faces, give us a five-star review in the plugin store. Or reach out to give us your feedback directly. We’d love to hear what you think!

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