New release: Added logs and improved test details

With this version we added logs to the uptime reports and improved the details of individual test results.

A mockup of Semonto Supervisor on a tablet showing the logs in an uptime report
Jelle Kalkman 16 February 2019

For this release, we focused on improvements on the logging and added test details. The uptime calendar view prints nicely now and has a log button to show the incidents during that month. It shows details and the duration of the incidents. Besides this, the graph is improved to show the measured data and error for each test.

Screenshot of a log in Semonto Supervisor

Screenshot with the details of specific test in Semonto Supervisor

We also did a lot on the background, which is harder to spot ;)

We started already on Supervisor 3.8 to bring back exports. All feedback and feature requests are always welcome per email! Check it out at We hope you like it! Check it out at

The Semonto team
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