New: Improved Subscription Model

As you might have noticed, we are continually working on Semonto to give you the best possible experience. Today, we are proud to announce our latest improvement: our new subscription model.

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Jelle De Laender 10 November 2020

No Manual Renewal Needed Anymore.

In the old subscription model, which was prepaid, you needed to renew your plan after a certain period manually. If you forgot to renew it, the service got interrupted. That was a hassle. To make it easier for you, we now automatically do the work for you. So you do not have to do anything to keep enjoying our services. And do not worry: it does not mean that we will trick you into an extension or force a purchase upon you. You can still cancel anytime you want with a simple click of a button.

Better Plans to Fit Your Needs

We created three account types, based on the three types of users we have. We noticed that our current customers consisted of three groups, each with very different expectations and needs:

The Basic User

  • usually a small business owner or webshop owner
  • just wants to make sure that services are up and running at all times and be alerted when their website is offline
  • no need for complicated features, just a solid service they can rely on and works out of the box

The Advanced User

  • usually active in web development, hosting or another online service
  • wants to monitor multiple domains or servers
  • enjoys more features like custom testing and status pages

The Expert User

  • typically involved in server management or advanced web development
  • is very aware of all the possibilities and wants the very best
  • expects to be able to customize the experience to fit their needs

To make sure that basic users are not paying for features they do not need, and at the same time offer advanced and expert users the best possible experience, we decided to change our account types. You can check out the new plans and their features and pricing here.

No Action Required From Your Side

If you are currently using Semonto: do not worry. Your current account and plan is still active and will remain active until your current account expiration date. We will be in touch with personalised advice before your account will expire and help you to migrate to the new payment model. If you are new to Semonto, the new subscription model will make it easier than ever before to choose the right plan to support your business.

We Are Here if You Have Any Questions

Is something still unclear? Would you like some additional information or help from us? Feel free to reach out. We are here for you.

No credit card required. Cancel anytime. No automatic renewal after the trial.

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