We have improved the lay-out of your uptime reports

Every month, we send you an overview of the sites you are monitoring with Semonto. From now on, for a better readability of the report we will organize monitors by group and add a performance preview for each monitor.

Screenshot of the new uptime reports
Kathy Salden 26 November 2019

A couple of months ago we added the possibility to group your monitors. For this, we introduced the concept of contact groups, on which you can read more here. This will now be reflected in the email you receive every month with an uptime report from Semonto. This report used to be just a list of all your monitors. You did not have a clear indication how well a specific monitor was performing. It looked something like this:

Screenshot of an email with the old version of the uptime reports

From now on, the monthly uptime report will show your monitors sorted by group. A second improvement is that it will immediately show the uptime of each monitor at a glance. Groups with failing monitors will be shown at the top of the overview and a colored dot indicates the status for easier recognition of failing monitors. So from now on, it will look like this:

Screenshot of an email with the improved uptime reports

We hope you can appreciate these changes. If you have any feature or improvement request, feel free to contact us.

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