New: See the IP address for each tested website

Semonto now shows you the IP address of your server in the test results. This allows you to quickly identify which server is in trouble.

Email alert from Semonto with the IP address
Jelle De Laender 27 June 2024

What has changed?

In Semonto, we now include the IP address of the server that failed our test. The IP address will be displayed in the test results of your content checks, reachability tests, and server health tests. It has also been added to the events overview and downloads.

What is an IP address again?

An IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, is the identification number of a device connected to the internet. In this case, your server. IP addresses help devices find and talk to each other. There are two main types: IPv4, which looks like four numbers separated by dots (e.g.,, and IPv6, which is longer and can handle more devices.

What is the benefit of seeing the IP address in Semonto?

The benefit is that you can quickly see which server is in trouble.

  • That is particularly useful when your servers are geo-distributed. Geo distribution means that your website is hosted on multiple servers worldwide, always using the server closest to the website visitor. Forwarding each request to the nearest server makes the website load faster. The downside is that when the website has issues, you do not know which server is causing it. Semonto now shows you exactly which server is in trouble: you can recognise the IP address in the test results.
  • Another interesting use case is when you have multiple websites on one server. If a lot of error notifications are coming in about different websites, but they all show the same IP address, you immediately understand that there is an issue with one particular server. That makes troubleshooting a whole lot easier.

Keep the feedback coming!

This improvement was a result of an e-mail we received from one of our users. Semonto is constantly being improved to better serve our community. So keep telling us how you use Semonto, and we will take your feedback to heart!

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