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5 reasons to use Semonto as an SEO consultant

More and more marketing professionals are discovering the benefits of website monitoring. Find out how Semonto can save you time as an SEO consultant.

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Kathy Salden 19 April 2023

Most people know Semonto as an uptime monitoring tool used primarily by web developers and IT experts. But more and more marketing professionals are also discovering the benefits of website monitoring. Find out how Semonto can save you time as an SEO consultant.

Discovering and resolving broken links can be challenging, often involving complex reports from tools like Screaming Frog or incomplete information from Google Search Console. Semonto simplifies this process by providing a comprehensive list of all broken links and sending you immediate alerts when a new broken link pops up. You can easily share the complete list of found broken links with your web development team to fix the issues.

Broken link scan results in Semonto

2. Increase your productivity

With Semonto, you do not have to wait until crawlers have returned to your website to see the impact of your changes. Semonto allows you to retest your website every five minutes or less, depending on your settings. We also have a retest button enabling you to add your website to the testing queue immediately.

Reachability results in Semonto

3. Demonstrate your value

“So, what did you do exactly?” It’s a question that clients often ask, especially after receiving your invoice. Semonto also offers a monthly PDF showing a website's performance for a certain period. This feature allows you to present visually appealing reports to your clients. Showing them the 'before and after' results demonstrates your value and strengthens your position as a reliable SEO partner.

Part of a performance report from Semonto

4. Avoid security issues

Security is another SEO factor that many consultants overlook. Security certificates are supposed to renew in time, but plenty of things can go wrong with that. Semonto prevents HTTPS issues by alerting you when your security certificate is about to expire, giving your client enough time to renew it and avoid potential website blocking or flagging.

A web page showing a warning that the connection is not encrpyed

5. Check the quality of your hosting

The reliability of your hosting can impact user experience, so it should be part of your SEO audit. But how do you know if the hosting is slow or frequently down if you aren't monitoring it? Semonto notifies you of any issues and sends you your monthly uptime percentage, so you can recommend your client to switch to a better hosting partner if needed.

An uptime report in Semonto

Let us know what you think

Semonto has a tight-knit community of users that keep us informed and regularly send us feature requests. They help us to create a tool that you love! So don’t hesitate to send us your feedback if you are already a user of Semonto, and create a free trial to get started if you are new to this platform. We love to hear from you. Happy monitoring!

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