Jelle De Laender 30 December 2021

Have You Seen Our New Uptime Report?

and other updates from Semonto

Before we say goodbye to 2021, we wanted to send you the last newsletter of the year to tell you about some cool improvements we made to Semonto. 

New Feature: Marking Notification Settings as Default

In Semonto, you can now choose how you want to be alerted of detected issues, and then reuse those settings by marking them as default. Discover how to simplify your notifications.

New Search Bar: Find Anything Within Semonto

We have added a search function to the top navigation. This way, you can find anything in Semonto, from a URL to a phone number. Give it a try! Check it out.

We Improved Our Uptime Reports

When you select a URL in Semonto and go to Uptime Report, you can see the date, frequency, and duration of all detected issues displayed on a calendar. You can compare the results to previous months to spot trends. And you can check each incident in more detail in the incident report.

A New Layout for Our Test Results

When you go to any monitor in Semonto and click "Reachability Results" and then "View results", you will get an improved chart, showing you all the parameters that are relevant for the test you selected.

Happy New Year From the Semonto Team!

2021 was a crazy ride for everyone, so we are more than happy to start a new year soon. We hope that you are keeping safe and wish you a great year full of new and exiting opportunities. See you in 2022!