Jelle De Laender 2 September 2021

Website monitoring tip for marketing professionals

Latest news of Semonto - August 2021

This summer, our focus was on improving the UX of our tool to make it as clear and intuitive as possible, with the help of the Semonto community 🙌. Find out what we have improved in this month's newsletter. 

IMPROVED: Pause monitoring during maintenance

When you are fixing issues with a site, and you know that it will be offline, you don’t want to receive any notifications about this. Now you can simply go to a monitor and hit the pause button. A warning will appear that monitoring is paused. Check it out.

One of our users reached out to us with a question. "Is there a way to show broken links and mixed content on my status pages? " We were intrigued and started looking for ways to show this information on a status page. Find out what happened next

GUIDE: How to monitor your website

Your website will not tell you when it goes offline.  And customers who get an HTTP 404 message will not come back. That is why you need a monitor to keep an eye on your website. It tells you when technical issues arise. This is how you can monitor your website.

IMPROVED: Lay-out dashboard

We gave the Semonto dashboard a make-over. Now, when you log in, you are informed at a glance whether everything is OK (green), there's something wrong, but it's not urgent (amber) or something needs to be fixed urgently (red). Further details are neatly arranged by topic to save you even more time. Check it out.