Jelle De Laender 21 March 2024

We changed our pricing. Find out what that means for you.

And it's not what you think.

We Changed Our Pricing - Here's What's New

No, we are not increasing our prices. In fact, most customers will notice a slight price reduction. Find out why we changed our pricing and what it means for your subscription. Discover the new pricing

NEW Feature: Domain Monitoring

Your domain is your address on the internet. In a perfect world, your domain is automatically renewed. But what if it doesn’t? With domain monitoring, you avoid that your website gets claimed by someone else due to a missed renewal. See how it works.

TIP of the Month: Quick Tests in Semonto

Did you know that you can perform a quick test in Semonto? This way, you get a fast update on the current status of a website, without having to create a monitor. You can find the Quick Test in the left-bottom corner of your screen. We keep a history of your latest tests. Give it a try!