Jelle De Laender 24 March 2022

It's finally here Slack integration

and other updates from Semonto

You have been waiting for it. So here it is, by popular demand: the integration with Slack! Discover what we have been working on this month.👇

New: Quick Tests

In Semonto, you can now run multiple tests at once for a website without creating a monitor. Just go to Quick Test, enter the URL and select all the tests that you want to perform. Quick Test is now a new menu item in Semonto. Check it out

Slack Integration

When your website is in trouble, you want to know as fast as possible. In addition to e-mail notifications, SMS text messages, phone voice messages, push notifications and tweets, you can now also get Slack notifications when something is wrong with your website or server. Check it out

Content Monitoring Hacks (part 2)

Did you know that you can use Semonto to know when your favourite item is back in stock? Or to make sure that your website is not getting hacked? In this blog post, we share a new batch of content monitoring hacks. Check it out

Next Up: Reporting

Next on our improvement list is Reporting in Semonto. We would love your feedback on that. What does the ideal report look like to you? Which data are the most important? Should results be downloadable? Tell us your preferences and we will take them into account!