Testing the reachability of a website or server

And how to solve the most common reachability issues.

A reachability check in Semonto

You can use our free website reachability checker or our HTTPS Certificate checker to quickly check the current status of your website or server. By using Semonto, your website or server will be monitored continuously, and you'll be alerted when there are issues. To successfully monitor a website or a server, Semonto first needs to be able to reach it. We added a tool to help you test this reachability. The tool can be accessed when you create or configure a monitor. Simply click on the monitor, then select Details and Test reachability.

If you are performing extended tests, Semonto also needs to be able to reach the directory where these tests are installed. This can also be checked with this reachability tool.

Testing the reachability

To check the reachability, click the button, and Semonto will start the test.

If all of Semonto’s test centers and verification & PulseCheck servers can reach your website or server, a success message will appear. Otherwise, it will show which of Semonto’s servers failed and the reason.

Resolving reachability issues

If all of Semonto’s servers fail to reach your website or server, double-check the URL, domain name or IP-address of your website or server. Also, check if you have used the correct protocol (HTTP or HTTPs) and the correct port number if required for the server you would like to monitor.

You should also check whether you are immediately redirected to another website or sub-domain when you open it in a regular browser. For example: If you supplied the URL https://mywebsite.co.uk and you are automatically redirected to https://mywebsite.com or https://about.mywebsite.co.uk. In these cases, it is best to use the URL to which you are redirected. Otherwise, consult your hosting provider or check your web server’s configuration.

If your website or server is behind an active firewall, be sure to whitelist our IP-addresses. These can be found in a pop-up in the reachability check and in the side menu underneath the question mark button.


Sometimes we need to change our IP-address. If that is the case, we will let you know. You can always find our current IP-address in the side menu of your Semonto dashboard by clicking the question mark button.