How to check website availability from different countries.

Your website might work perfectly in your country, but are you sure that it is also available in other places in the world? In this article, we explain why you should test from different locations worldwide, and we share 3 ways to test your website’s availability.

Website reachability checker in Semonto

Why check your website availability from different countries?

It's important to test the availability of your website from different countries because your site may be fast in one part of the world but slow or unavailable elsewhere. For example, suppose your website is hosted on different servers in different locations using a smart CDN. In that case, the content will come from the server closest to the user to ensure the best experience. Each server may have a different connection and return another status code. By testing your website from multiple locations, we make sure it's reachable everywhere. Semonto checks your website's availability from servers in different places.

3 ways to check your website availability from different countries

1. Use our free tool for a quick test

Want to know if your website is available in different countries? You can perform a quick test from multiple locations worldwide with our free reachability checker Just enter your URL and get instant results. The tool will test your website from all areas at the same time. This tool is free but limited to a few tests per day. Want to perform regular tests? Then you can create a Semonto account.

2. Create a Semonto account for constant testing

With a Semonto account, you can keep monitoring your website 24/7. Semonto will regularly and automatically check your website to ensure it is still available. A bonus is that you can choose the location from which the test is performed. You also have a higher testing limit with a Semonto account, meaning you can test more frequently than when using the free tool. Depending on your Semonto account, you can test up to every minute. In addition to the reachability, we will also test the security of your connection (SSL certificate validity) and check for broken links and mixed content .

3. Perform a quick test from within Semonto

Want to perform a quick test from all locations at once without creating a monitor? Then you can do that from within your Semonto account. Unlike the free tool, your account is not limited to a fixed number of daily tests. In addition, we will save the history of your test results for future reference.

The quick test results also mention the IP address of the server. If your servers are geo-distributed, you can check which server the request was forwarded to by consulting the IP address in the results list.

These are the countries were are monitoring from

Our current testing locations are:

  • Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • New York (USA)
  • San Francisco (USA)
  • Bangalore (India)

We will add more locations soon. Let us know if you have any requests for adding a location near you.

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