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Feel comfortable that your webshop is available, relax!

Are you aware of issues with your website? Are you notified when your webshop is offline before your customers? Fully trusting your webmaster or hosting company? Be notified by Semonto to reduce losing profit and customers! Having a website that is up and running for 24/7 is important and affects your business.

Focus on more important tasks as a webshop owner, selling your products and services. Semonto will keep an eye on your webshop and alert you when needed.


Improve your customers experience with your webshop

Having a nice looking webshop with great products is just one aspect of a good user experience for your customers. If they can not reach your webshop or your webshop responds slow, your customers will be less satisfied. Semonto provides a wide array of tools to monitor if your webshop is available and responds quickly.

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Available and fast

Make sure your website is available for your customers, 24/7. Use Semonto to monitor if your website is available and responds quickly.

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Stable and error free

Showing errors to your customers is not something you would like to do. Semonto can test if your webshop does not displays errors and it behaves as desired.


Periodical tasks

Backup tasks can be essential for your webshop to avoid loss of data. Make sure these tasks are performed and get notified when they did not occur on time.

Resolve issues quickly

If your webshop experiences issues often, Semonto can help you with statistics and insight to resolve these quickly. Semonto's uptime reports can also serve as independent proof when you are not happy with the services of your hosting provider.

website monitoring overview

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