Prove your customers that their websites are up and running

Do you create or host websites for your clients or provide any other hosting service? Use Semonto to offer a reliable experience and be informed of hosting issues before your clients are aware.

You can also use status pages to have a way to inform your customers of server issues, so they do not keep bugging you when you are resolving issues. Uptime reports can be used to prove your hosting service and quality.

Check out how Semonto can help you and get in touch! We are here to help you, so you can focus on the core of your business.


Be in control and prove your trustability

Making and hosting websites can be a complex and daunting task. Let us help you by keeping an extra eye on your servers. Be informed of issues before your customers, so you can offer the best services possible. By using an external service, we will be able to alert you even when your server or datacenter network is fully offline.

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Status pages

Show your customers that you are in control, by sharing up to date status pages. Reducing the calls and emails when issues are happening.

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Be informed instantly

Resolve issues ASAP when they happen, by reducing the detecting-time and being able to fix them before customers are noticing the issues.


Uptime reports

Keep a history of server issues via uptime reports that you can share, to prove the quality of your services and hosting.

Extra Service

Provide uptime monitoring and uptime reports as an extra service to your customers. This can help to build trust in your services for your clients and informs your clients that you are aware of issues that might arise.

website monitoring overview
website monitoring overview

Share Status

When you experience issues you need to focus on resolving those and keep your customers informed on the status. When you share the status of issues this will help you to keep your focus on resolving those issues and your customers will be happy again quickly.

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