Jelle De Laender 24 February 2022

Save Time With These 4 Content Monitoring Hacks

and other updates from Semonto

We have added some cool improvements to Semonto this month. And we also prepared a new blog post, in which we share 4 productivity hacks you can implement right away. Check it out 👇

Save Time with these 4 Content Hacks

Did you know that you can use Semonto to check web pages for certain words or phrases? When used wisely, this can save you hours of time. Here are 4 hacks that we received from our community. Read the blog article. 

New: Export an Overview of Events

When you manage many websites, you sometimes need a chronological overview of all events that happened in a certain month across all monitors. That is why we created a new log. You can now export all the events of a certain month to use them in a spreadsheet. Check it out

Revamped Notification E-mails

We have revamped the emails that you receive when a website or server is down. We wanted to provide a better insight into which tests are failing or what the status is at that moment. Let us know what you think!

Dark Mode Support Added to our E-mails

We have also added darkmode support to the new emails. Dark mode makes your battery last longer, reduces eye strain and limits the exposure to blue light. We hope that you find it helpful! If you have any other requests, please let us know.