Jelle De Laender 20 July 2023

💡How to get notified of changes in your SSL certificate

and other updates

We have listened to your feedback and made some improvements to Semonto. Check out what we have been up to this month👇.

NEW: Get Notified of Changes in Your SSL Certificate

NEW in Semonto. You can now receive an alert when a new or altered SSL certificate is found, not just when an issue is detected or resolved. Show me how. 

NEW: Incident Duration in Emails

We now show the duration of an incident in our alert emails. If an incident is resolved, we show how long it lasted or we show how long it is ongoing. This helps you to evaluate the impact of an incident.

Tip of the Month: Uptime Report

Are you getting the most out of your uptime report? In this quick video, we walk you through the possibilities in less than one minute!
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