Jelle De Laender 16 February 2023

Check out our improved PDF report 🔥

and other updates

This month, we have been working hard to improve the PDF report that shows the performance of your monitors. Check out all the cool new things we added 👇

A monthly PDF report in your inbox

Our monthly e-mail update now comes with a printable PDF report. This report already existed in Semonto, but you had to generate it yourself. Now you receive it automatically in your inbox.

Multiple monitors, one report

The PDF report you can generate in Semonto now allows you to select multiple monitors. In other words, you can create one PDF report about multiple websites. To create your custom PDF report, go to Monitors and select Download Report.

Create a report based on tags

With tags, you can filter monitors quickly by server, project manager, etc. Semonto now allows you to create a PDF report based on those tags. For example, by clicking that tag in the selection menu, you can create a report of all the websites containing that tag.

Pick your date range

You can now use our date selector to generate a PDF about multiple months or even a specific period. Select the period with the dropdown menu: current month, last month, last three months or custom. If you choose custom, the calendar option allows you to enter a start and end date.