Jelle De Laender 25 May 2023

Check out how Mindme uses Semonto 😎

and other updates

Have you ever wondered how other companies use Semonto? Or whether Semonto can notify you if your website is being hacked? All this and more is revealed in this month's newsletter. Let's dive in! 

See how Mindme uses Semonto

UK-based company Mindme produces wearable personal alarm devices. In this interview, co-owner Simon Wolf explains why and how he uses Semonto. Check it out

Content checks 2.0

Our Content Checks just got easier. The test used to be part of the Reachability monitoring, but is now a feature on its own. This direct access in the menu makes it even easier to check a web page for certain words or phrases. Read the guide

Tip of the month

Did you know that you can pause notifications? You can do so to avoid getting downtime messages during planned maintenance. Semonto will still test your monitors, but won't send any alert. Try it now.