Jelle De Laender 23 August 2022

Keeping your website safe just got easier 💪

Improved SSL Monitoring in Semonto

To protect your website, you need an SSL certificate.
While its renewal often is a fully automated progress, errors can still occur, resulting in an invalid or expired SSL certificate.

That's why Semonto monitors your SSL certificate and tells you when something is wrong. This way, you can fix or renew the certificate before your visitors are scared away by a security warning.

We have been offering this service since day one, but we have now revamped this to a dedicated feature in Semonto.
SSL certificate monitoring is now a separate item in your menu, so you can access it more easily and get more in-depth information.

This is what it looks like:

No idea what SSL monitoring is?
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Get notified
Whenever there is a problem with your SSL certificate, Semonto will let you know:

  • if your certificate has expired
  • if your certificate returned an error
  • if the expiry date is approaching
  • if the certificate is invalid

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