Jelle De Laender 23 November 2020

NEW Semonto App for Android

Latest news of Semonto - November 2020

Boy, have we been busy this month! We released an Android app for Semonto, added voice support to our notification options, improved the speed of our status pages and created a new subscription model. Read all about it in this month's newsletter.

NEW: Voice Message Notifications

You already know that Semonto warns you whenever your website, server, or app is slow to respond or unavailable. You already had many notification methods to choose from: email, text message, webhook, push notification, and even Tweets. Today, we are adding a new alert option to the list: voice message notifications or phone calls. See how it works.

Our New Subscription Model

We are continually working on Semonto to give you the best possible experience. Today, we are proud to announce our latest improvement: our new subscription model. With better plans and effortless renewal, we have tried to make your life easier. Let us know what you think! Read all about it.

Improved: Faster Status Pages

We noticed that the load time of our status pages could be rather slow when a large number of monitors was linked to them. This issue is now resolved. The load time increased almost 100 times! Want to know more about our status pages? Read all about it in our How-to section. How to set up a status page.

NEW: Semonto App for Android

We have some exciting news to share. Since day one, our monitoring tool Semonto has been available as a free iOS application that allows you to get free instant Apple Push Notifications, also known as APN. Today, we are offering the same to Android users. Check out the Android app for Semonto.