Jelle De Laender 11 June 2024

NEW Adjust Your Crawling Speed 🐒

Discover how to scan faster or slower.

Crawl faster or slower

You can now set the optimal crawl rate for broken links and mixed content monitoring. You can lower the number of requests if they are overwhelming your server load or increase the crawl rate for tests that are critical for your business. Discover how it works.

We added RSS feeds

With RSS, all your favourite news sources are automatically collected in one place. Are you an avid user of RSS feeds? Then you will be glad to know that you can now subscribe to Semonto’s RSS feeds for our blog, newsletter, and change log.Β 

We need your help

Semonto is currently not listed as a verified bot at CloudFlare, which could give issues when you define a bot policy on your website and when you use CloudFlare. To get this fixed, we need your help. Do you want to help us out? Drop us a message.
Drop us a message.