Jelle De Laender 17 June 2022

💡 Impress your clients with a website audit

and other updates from Semonto

One of our users reached out with a feature request. This is what happened next. 👇

NEW: PDF report

You can now create a beautiful PDF report to download, print or forward to your client, manager, or development team. A summary of the monthly performance of your website can be downloaded at any time as a clean PDF. Just select Reachability and then the URL you are monitoring. Check it out.

What's your uptime?

"My website is hardly ever down. My uptime percentage is 99%." Right, but did you know that an uptime percentage of 99% actually means that your website has been down for more than 7 hours? In this blog about uptime we answer all your questions.

Hack: Status Pages

When your services are down, the last thing you need is additional stress from people constantly asking for updates. With status pages, you can direct all users to a dedicated web page to get the latest information. Discover how it works.