Jelle 4 May 2020

Change of IP addresses

Please be sure our server can reach your servers when you are using firewalls. Some IPs did change.


End of this week, Semonto will start using 2 different IP addresses. Be sure to get those whitelisted if you are using a firewall.

PulseCheck2 (also used for verification tests to avoid false-positives) will get a new IP address:

We will also add a new TestCenter. TestCenter2 was out of business for a long period and will be restarted as well. Location: USA San Francisco. IP address:

For accurate monitoring and alerting of Semonto, it is important that all of our verification servers (PulseCheck), and the selected TestCenter servers are able to reach your server.

Here is the list of all IP addresses that should be whitelisted, in case a firewall is used to control traffic.

TestCenter servers: We use these to perform the tests.

TestCenter2: (new)

PulseCheck servers: We use these for the PulseChecks, but also as verification to reduce the number of false-positives. So be sure to whitelist all of the PulseChecks servers!

PulseCheck2: (changed)

You can also test the reachability via Supervisor.
If you are not using a firewall, no action is required!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Kind regards,
Jelle De Laender
Coding Mammoth