Jelle De Laender 19 October 2020

6 easy ways to get notified of errors

Latest news of Semonto - October 2020

Autumn is here! The perfect time to stay inside and read up about all the news and tips that we have collected for you this month. Here’s what we have been up to in October.

TIP: 6 ways to get notified

You want to know about any technical problems before anyone else. But if you are not always checking your email, you might prefer a different way to get notified. We let you customize your notification settings so that you get notified on the device you use most. Check out the options here.

NEWS: Reduced lifespan of SSL certificates

September 2020 marked a new phase for SSL certificates. The new industry standard is to only give the certificates a validity of 398 days to improve security. Luckily, you don't have to worry because we watch your SSL certificate for you. Read all about it here.

BLOG: Why you should care about your business's uptime

Your uptime percentage indicates how long your website was available without any interruption. In this article, we explain where you can find your uptime percentage, how should you interpret it, and - more importantly- why you should care. Read  the article

TIP: When to use PulseChecks

Do you want to monitor a server that is not publicly accessible? Easy! Instead of calling your server, your server pings us. In this article, we explain exactly how that works, using Semonto's PulseChecks.
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