Jelle De Laender 31 May 2021

3 Monitoring Hacks for Website Developers

Latest news of Semonto - May 2021

We asked one of our users to share his favourite monitoring hacks, we made some visual improvements to the overviews in Semonto, and we have something to celebrate! That and much more is waiting for you in this month's newsletter. 

BLOG: Ivo's 3 Monitoring Hacks

We asked Ivo, a web developer who frequently uses Semonto, to explain how he monitors the websites he builds for his clients and whether he can share some helpful monitoring hacks for other website developers like himself. Discover his 3 favourite monitoring hacks in this month's blog post. Read the blog.

NEW: search option in overviews

When you need to monitor many websites, web apps or servers, the list of monitors can get a bit long. That is why we added a search option. Just start typing the name and the list will be filtered. This filter is also added to the overview of PulseChecks.

13 years Coding Mammoth**

We have something to celebrate! Coding Mammoth, the development company behind Semonto, has just celebrated its 13th anniversary. Founder Jelle De Laender, whose love for coding started when he bought his very first iBook G3 at age 14, has since created not only Semonto but also apps like QuickScale and MijnLijn. 

Improved notification settings

Semonto offers so many notification options that the configuration settings could get overwhelming. We kept the large number of notification options, but changed the way they are displayed. Now, you can simply go to a notification, click the pencil icon and start editing. Try it now.