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Get alerted in real-time. Fix technical issues before anyone notices them.

What Semonto does:

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Semonto can watch multiple websites 24/7

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When a technical issue happens, you get an alert

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You can fix the problem before anyone else notices

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Monthly reports help you measure the technical performance

What you can monitor:

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Validity of HTTPS Certificates

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Broken Links

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Mixed Content

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Server Issues

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The advantages for web developers:

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Fix website problems before customers are affected

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Monitor the monthly uptime of your hosting partners

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Notify multiple people when a site is up or down

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Use Semonto as part of a website maintenance package

With Semonto, you can also:

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Test from multiple locations

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Change the testing frequency

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Get notified the way you want

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Add your team members

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Generate reports for your customers

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Make password protected status pages

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Create custom tests

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Get alerted before SSL certificates expire

Ivo Boeykens
founder of akapivo bvba

Semonto informed us that our SSL certificate was about to expire. This was unexpected because we have automatic renewal via Let's Encrypt. Since we force the use of https, our site was guaranteed to go offline. Semonto gave us a warning in advance, and a certain crisis was prevented!


Our plans start at €7/month, allowing continuous monitoring of 3 websites, including reachability, broken links and content site checks. More plans are available with more advanced features and volume discounts.

No credit card required. Cancel anytime. No automatic renewal after the trial.