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Manage your own servers with confidence

Perform detailed tests on key aspects of your servers. Going from the current load, average load, memory usage, disk space, queues, custom tests and more.

Gain valuable insight into the performance of your services and be alerted when they start to degrade, or when a server goes offline. Be alerted before your customers notice or are affected by the evolution of the performances of your servers.


Monitor key aspects of your servers

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No matter how well your services are, they need to be available for your clients, always. Semonto provides a wide array of tools to monitor if your servers are up an running.

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Are your servers up to their tasks and do they respond correctly? The health of your servers can have a huge impact on the quality of your services.


Periodical tasks

Backup tasks can be essential for your organization to avoid loss of data. Make sure these tasks are performed and get notified when they did not occur on time.

Test every aspect of your services

Semonto can be fully tailored to your needs by creating custom tests.


Your own projects

Your own projects can have very specific demands or traits which are crucial to monitor remotely.

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Queued tasks

Stalled tasks can be a source of problems, make sure your services are not halted by stalled tasks in a job-queue.

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Your software

Cover all aspects of your own software by monitoring its behavior remotely.

Performance insight

Stable and available services make your clients happy. Performance insight in your servers can help you find the root cause of downtime and so can help you to improve your services.

website monitoring overview
website monitoring overview

External testing

When everything goes black, your servers will not warn you about it. Probably the first that start complaining are your clients. This is where external monitoring shines. Semonto will warn you immediately when your services start to degrade or are not available so you can act immediately and avoid long periods of unavailability.

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