Privacy Policy

Information Usage

Your information such as username, address, telephone number, and other information provided when you sign up will be stored in our database. We will never sell this data to any third parties or other people than CodingMammoth. We will not use your data for any other projects of CodingMammoth. We will do our best to protect your data so nobody will be able to see or use your private data. If you delete your account, your personal data will be removed after 6 months (see Term of service). This will allow you to reactivate your account without losing any data within those 6 months.

Your password

Your personal account password will be hashed and stored in our database. Since we use one-way hashes, no third party can re-hash the hashed passwords to recover your original password. For more information about hashes and security, please consult the following article on Wikipedia: Cryptographic hash functions.

Use Of Sessions

The config panel works with sessions. Those sessions are hashed and have a time out of 15 minutes. This means that after 15 minutes of inactivity, your session will be destroyed automatically and you will need to log in again. When a connection is closed, the session will be deleted automatically.


We use small text files called cookies for the sessions. Those cookies are used only to identify the customer, not to identify any specific customer traits. These cookies do not store sensitive data, and will expire when the session is expired.

Passwords on Aliases

The passwords on aliases are not encrypted nor hashed. We decided to not encrypt them because it allows you to see your current password at the config panel. Normally, this will not cause any security problems. For more information contact us at

History and Status Center Information

The historical data of the tests performed on your hosts will only be available through your status URL and/or through your aliases (which can be protected in the config panel). Your status-URL is protected with a hash-key which makes it impossible for others to try and guess your status. They will only be able to access your history center if you choose to make it public via an unprotected alias name, or if you share the public URL of your history center.


We will store a history of your orders with Semonto like SMS-credits, plan-upgrades and account renews. You can review this information at the config panel. We will not store any payment details (like CreditCard numbers) on our servers. Since our payments are handled by FastSpring, it can be useful to read the Privacy Policy of FastSpring.


We send periodic an email with the latest changes and features of Semonto. If needed, you can disable this feature at the ConfigPanel.