Uptime reports

Gain valuable insight in the uptime of your business crucial websites and the performance of your servers.

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Monthly based reports and insights

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Overviews over time

Get a monthly overview with the uptime numbers per day. You can then fine-tune the data and see for which tests failed on a date, and get the uptime percentage per test.

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Tests insight

For each test, you can see the results for a given period, going from a 1-hour range with all executed tests in that range, to a aggregated view with daily, monthly or even yearly test results.
You can see when tests failed, which errors or states they had and the values of the tests like load numbers.

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Find root cause of issues

Based on the uptime reports, you have extra information that can help you to identify the culprit of issues and prevent those. You have a good overview of the performances of your website or server for any timerange.

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Recieve monthly reports

Uptime reports are accessible at any time in the Supervisor dashboard. You can generate an overview at any moment. Every month, an overview summary is generated and send via email.

Find how often something went wrong

Get in one blink an overview how your website or server performed and which days errors occured. You can click through to get more detailed views what happened those days and which tests failed, when, and for how long. There is also a logbook which shows all events and incicents chronologically with the duration time and errors.

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What exactly went wrong

Via the detailed test section, you can check which tests had incidents and errors. You can find back the error messages, when they occured and how long. This can help you to investigate the problem and prevent the issue in the future.

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Beside the monthly overview and overviews how tests evolved over time, there is also a logbook which is a list of all incidents of one server, with all errors and durations in one small overview.

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