Server monitoring

Use Semonto's server monitoring tools to test the availability of your business critical servers. If something affects their availability Semonto will alert you immediately so you can respond quickly and avoid unavailability of your services.

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Server availability tests

Icon Server Ping

Ping and Latency test

Use the ping and latency test to verify if your website is reachable at all and if it responds within the given timeframe.

Icon Server Port

Port tests

Semonto can test if required ports accept a connection and make sure your applications are availlable.

Extended tests

Semonto offers a wide array of pre-defined extended test for your servers. This requires a small web-application that needs to be installed on your server. This web-app will receive HTTP GET requests from our test-servers and will execute each test. This tool can be limited on IP-level and will prevent that Semonto need to run as root or takes unneeded resources on your (production) servers and can be adjusted to your current server setup.
This allows Semonto to monitor anything you can think of, including the following aspects:

Icon Server Load

Load test

Get an overview of the server load (now/5min/15min) and be alerted when it passes a threshold.

Icon Server Storage

Storage capacity

Watch the server storage usage so you can interact when you are running out of space.

Icon Code MySQL

Database connection

Test if a database can be reached, and if a simple query can be excuted. Test MySQL/MariaDB/Postgres databases and more.

Icon Code PHP


Checks if your webapp interpreter is working correctly.

Custom tests

Icon Code

Create custom tests

As our extended tests are executed on your server, under the normal user level, there is no need for privilege escalations. This also keeps the control and ownership in your hands. You can change the thresholds easily, or add custom tests to meet your requirements. Define which test-names Semonto need to call and evaluate, and implement them at your side. Examples are monitoring queues, if processes are running, keeping an eye on logbooks, events, ...
If you need more support on this, feel free to contact us on this.

Icon Label


When you monitor a large amount of server, tagging them can make it easier to show only the status of the servers that you need at that moment.

PulseCheck settings screenshot
Icon Link

Shareable Alert Settings

You can define how you want the be alerted for multiple servers and webapps once. This makes managing it much easier.

PulseCheck test location screenshot

History of all executed tests

Semonto keeps an overview of all excecuted tests and presents them as uptime reports. Get a detailed and easy overview of all the default and custom tests.

PulseCheck test location screenshot

Semonto offers a wide range of features to support your online business.

All off Semonto's features are available in every plan.

Icons Website Monitoring

Website monitoring

Monitor your business critical websites independently and externally. Read more

Icon Status Page

Status Pages

Easily share the status of your services with your customers. Read more

Icon Uptime Report

Uptime Reports

Based on the monthly and detailed reports, you have a good overview how your websites or servers perform. Read more

Icon PulseCheck


When a server is not accessible over the internet, such as a database server, it can be monitored with a PulseCheck. Read more

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